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Founded on May 15th, 2016 in Ellenwood, GA and Incorporated on June 10th, 2016. Delta Omicron Alpha Military Sorority, Inc. was the brainchild of 7 women who wanted to offer real opportunities of sisterhood, friendship, comradery, organization, and community involvement to all women who are currently serving, have served, or are on the road to serving in the Armed Forces. Out of the 7 women, 5 continued on to be the founders of ΔOA and these 5 Founders were called "The Wise Observers"! These women came from all walks of life but all saw a common need to make an effort to reach out to all women regardless of branch of service, rank held, color of skin,religious preference, or sexual orientation. As a new organization ΔOA hopes to establish chapters on every U.S Military Installation and in local communities throughout the world. What sets us apart from other organizations is that we are focusing on Diversity.



Delta Omicron Alpha Military Sorority, Inc.; is a unique organization dedicated to the age old tradition of 

“I Am My Sister's Keeper”. We strive towards the uplifting  of women through our 5 Opals of Wisdom
















Diversity - The Armed Forces is and will always be an organization of acceptance and diversity and our organization stands on that principal.  ΔOA has begun its journey. 

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